Monday, 23 April 2012

Martial Arts Monday: The Dragon From Shaolin (1978)

A standard revenge storyline has somehow been derived from the footage for The Dragon From Shaolin, set during the Ming Dynasty era. This is one whole film I think, and a very colourful one at that.

The dubbing is suitably comical, complete with Cockney tax collectors and shouting villains, and sound effects are keyboard generated.

It’s quite a fun film with over the top action sequences right from the start, with some weaponry that I haven’t seen before like spinning blade things that fly across the room.

My DVD was blighted by sound synchronisation problems which ruined it for me.

I will need to do some more research and cross referencing but I cannot seem to find a year for this film, mainly because I cannot find a listing under this title with the same plot on IMDb.

UPDATE: The IMDb community have informed me that this film was originally released in 1978. Possibly the film is listed as "Eagle Silver Fox" but this has yet to be confirmed.

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