Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Tortured (2010)

This has been lumped in with Hostel and the Saw films as a “torture porn” film because of its torture scenes. While I agree that there are similarities I don’t think it is of the same calibre. I like the Saw films but didn’t like Hostel one bit. I think Saw has a better storyline.

The Tortured falls into the same category as Hostel for me. The torture scenes served no real purpose than to shock/thrill the viewer.

While the effects are good and the ending has a good twist you can’t empathise with anybody.

It is style over substance.


  1. I like Saw, love Saw II, the less said about the others the better. Your thoughts on the other films?

    1. I think I like the Saw films because they have a moral message in a very warped way. Cramer is only doing it all to show people the error of their ways and to get them to change their perception of the world.

      Hostel and other films of its ilk just do violence for the sake of it.