Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Aims & Inspirations

I have decided to start this blog following a jokey comment from one of my co-workers. They observed that I buy a lot of obscure, usually bad, movies on DVD and that maybe I should start reviewing them on Twitter or something. Me being me I have taken this a step further and decided to do a fully fledged blog on the subject.

I liked the idea of being limited in the length of each review as it adds a bit of spice and challenge to it for me, but felt that just over 100 characters is too limiting. I have also committed myself to not have a Twitter account.

Some of the movies I review may be well known to a few people or known by hardly anybody, all I know is that nobody I know has seen them.

The movies I choose to review will be entirely chosen by myself, and regardless of how popular or not this becomes I will refrain from doing "requests". This is mainly because I have a full time job to hold down and also I need to be able to get hold of the films for a cut down price! All comments will be moderated to try to keep any discussion relatively on topic and to curtail any spam.

I hope all who read this blog find it mildly entertaining.

1 comment:

  1. Fun little blog you have here. Keep watching the crap.... there are lots of gems to be discovered!